Monday, July 28, 2008

TF Animated Supreme/Voyager/Deluxe Class Optimus Prime

Comparison between Supreme vs Voyager Class in Robot Mode.

Comparison between Voyager vs Deluxe Earth Mode in Robot mode.

Comparison of Voyager vs Deluxe Earth vs Deluxe Cybertron Mode in Robot mode.

Side by side comparison between Supreme Class vs Voyager Class Oprimus Prime.
This is the comparison between Voyager Class vs Deluxe Earth Mode of Optimus Prime.
And finally the comparison between the Earth Mode and Cybertron Mode of Deluxe Class.

This is the TF Animated for Optimus Prime in Vehicle Mode comparison to all the classes. Basically there are 2 mode; Earth Mode and Cybertron Mode.

The only missing TFA Optimus Prime is the Activators of Optimus Prime. It is reviewed to be the smaller version of Voyager class as it is very close resemblance of Voyager Class design and of course it is smaller than the Deluxe Class!