Saturday, September 1, 2012

Calibre Toy Exclusive 20" Optimus Prime with Limited Build of 500pcs

This is the actual prototype currently on display at Hobbybase.

The SRP is USD1,099.00

This is a good attempt by Calibre Toy to make a 20" Statue of Optimus Prime, however understand it has a limited articulation on the leg area and the 2 feet are actually fixed with no articulation.

On the upper body also with limited articulation due to its size and weight.

One of the drawback is the hand design. It is not that it do not have any articulation, but the scale and design is too small to fit the scale and too stiff and don't look real. Calibre Toy need to really look into this hand area to totally redesign and change before the final release to customer... furthermore the initial SRP of USD1,099.00 have been revised up by ~50% and expect a better end improved version.

And this is the actual proto type that is on display.