Friday, May 4, 2012

DMK-01 Optimus Prime - complete built model kit

Takara Tomy made a very good job is making a model kit that represent a close 100% accurate Optimus Prime as in the movie.

The kit however have some issue when it come to assembly. Only thing that I can say is that Takara Tomy is not a model kit player in the market like Bandai for Gundam. However for those who have enough experience in model kit, they should have the know-how on how to overcome this obstacles. 

Basic tools that need to have are Mr-Hobby Cement (which is a slow drying glue for model kit), side-cutter and pen-knife for hobby. Then you are ready to go. Of course if you are more hard-core then you need more tools than I describe here.

Another thing that I need to share is that the fingers which is suppose to be fully articulated once it is assembled... needed some fixes. For me I am using heat to make a press on the end of each fingers, otherwise whenever you move any of the fingers, it will drop.

Here goes my DMK-01 Optimus Prime for you to view.